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Are you an artist who has ever said to yourself ‘But what is that color?!!!’ Me too.
I’m a watercolor and oil painter who was struggling with identifying colors in my subjects. Try as I might my paintings just came out wrong. I wrote this app to help me train my brain to see color as it is and not how I expected it to be. It was a game-changer.
Originally written just for my own learning experience I’ve now made this into an iPhone/Android app so you can identify colors in references anywhere you like. Use at the easel, on the desktop, watching tv. Anywhere.
Most color apps show color in computer speak. They’re not how we see color as artists. ChromaMagic shows color in the most natural way for artists - hues, values, and chromas. Based on the Munsell system the combination of showing reference colors in context gives us painters a natural map of how color varies.
Improve your color perception for the price of a tube of paint.
One-time purchase - no subscription, no data collected, completely yours.
For iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android
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See Color, Paint Color
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The original free version will always be available.

But the new one is so good I can't see me ever going back

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